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The costs of the ProActive Compliance Tool depend on the number of users (both administrators and viewers) and the number of accepted standards, certification schemes, compliance, assurance and/or assessment guidelines. In addition, the PCT offers various additional modules, such as the GDPR module.

PCT license

2 editors

100 viewers

1 standard


The cost of the PCT license depends on the following factors:
•    How many administrators will be working with the PCT?
•    Which standard(s) should be activated within the framework of the PCT?

A calculation example
We would like to give you a better insight into the costs and have therefore made a calculation example, based on a company in the IT service industry that would like to work with 2 administrators, the ISO 27001 standard and the GDPR module in the PCT.

The IT service provider has 2 administrators who will actively work with the ProActive Compliance Tool. The IT service provider has opted for ISO 27001 in the PCT which comes down to € 195 per month. In addition, they would also like to accommodate the GPDR module in the PCT, which can be activated as additional module.

PCT costs for the IT Service provider


8 fixed support hours for technical support

Part of basic license PCT

Cost per month (excl. VAT)

Part PCT 

2 administrators including 1 standard

(here ISO 27001)

€ 195,-

AVG module

€ 45,-*

Access 100 viewers

Part of basic license PCT

Onboarding administrators

(in which they learn the ins and outs of the PCT)

Part of basic license PCT

*The license is purchased for one year and is billed monthly in arrears.


The PCT contains many functionalities to help your organization get a grip on your certifications and compliance. Here is a list of the functionalities that are part of the PCT:

PCT framework

Document management with revision control

Print version of PCT framework 

Document previews

Read PCT framework via mobile (Q 4)

Document version control

WYSIWYG editor

View documents on mobile (Q4-2021)

Version Control

Manage actions and tasks

Fill out forms

Measures statistics page

Approve forms digitally

Monthly reporting by e-mail

Import & export to and from Excel

User management

Fill out forms on mobile

2 administrator accounts by default

Printversion of form

100 vieweraccounts by default

Unlimited creation of your charts

Create your own roles (Q4-2021)

Adjustable permissions per form

External auditor account

Add fields to forms

2 factor authentication

Build your own workflows

Support up to 8 hours per year

Set your own reminders

Onboarding administrators

Company dashboard

Personal dashboard for administrator

Optional modules

GDPR / ISO 27701

BCM/ ISO 22301

Extra administrator

Cross texts

€ 45,- per month

€ 45,- per month

€ 48,- per month

€495,- one time only

Available on request

  • API integration link

  • Single Sign On

  • EN 50518

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