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ISO 27001 software tool 

Would you like to prepare your organization for ISO 27001 certification? This can easily be done with the PCT (ProActive Compliance Tool). This software tool provides you with tools to meet the requirements of the ISO standard with regard to information security in a structured and clear way.

The software compliance tool is there to go through the process with you based on your company information. And to indicate which legal and regulatory requirements you must meet as an organization. The PCT ensures that you can go through the steps of this process in an unambiguous way to ensure that the audit runs smoothly.

What is the ISO 27001 standard for information security?

The international standard ISO 27001 for information security standard is there to demonstrate that your organization handles information in a responsible and confidential manner and ensures that adequate security measures are implemented. After all, as a company you should not think that information, such as personal data of customers, falls into the wrong hands. The standard specifies requirements for establishing, implementing, executing, checking, assessing, maintaining and improving a documented Information Security Management System (ISMS) in the context of the general business risks for your organization. By implementing an ISMS you guarantee the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information within the organization.


By working with the ISMS and thereby complying with the standard, you as an organization show that all risks associated with confidential handling of information are managed correctly.

ISO 27001 compliance checklist

We have prepared an ISO 27001 checklist for you, so that you can ensure that your organization will be well prepared for the audit of the certification of  the information security of the management system. Based the checklist, we will go through the necessary documents that are part of the Information Security Management System, abbreviated ISMS. We will go through the ISO 27001 checklist on the basis of 5 steps and will give a number of examples.

What is an Information Security Management System?

An Information Security Management System (ISMS) is an instrument for controlling information security processes and policies. Implementing an ISMS ensures that all departments work in a uniform manner. It also helps protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information. The ISMS is based on the PDCA circle (Plan-Do-Check-Act), which means that you strive for continuous improvement.


With a properly implemented ISMS you can:

  • map out your risks (risk analysis)

  • draw up your policies and processes

  • assign your tasks and responsibilities

  • initiate a continuous improvement process

  • demonstrate that your organization pays attention to information security

  • prepare your organization for the internal and external audit of an independent party.

GDPR in relation to ISO 27001

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a European law that was created to guarantee the protection of personal data within the EU. All organizations in the Netherlands and within the European Union must comply with this. The GDPR requires that personal data is protected with appropriate technical and organizational measures. Many subjects in the GDPR can be secured in an ISMS based on ISO 27001. Complying with the ISO 27001 standard helps you as an organization to implement measures for appropriate protection of personal data and, possibly in combination with ISO 27701, to demonstrably comply with the GDPR.

The ISO 27001 audit

An audit-based certification process can be one that you have never experienced before. There can be many ambiguities, which can lead to stress. That is why it is nice if there is a tool that can guide you to ensure that the audit, which must lead to certification, for ISO 27001 and/or other standards runs smoothly for your organization. The PCT is a tool that takes you step-by-step and prepares your organization for the process towards certification in accordance with ISO 27001. An independent certification body (CB) will assess whether your organization meets the certification criteria for the ISO 27001 standard. Any shortcomings will be fed back by the CB if the processes still need to be improved. With a positive result of the audit, the certification follows and you receive the official ISO 27001 certificate!

“The PCT is a tool that helps you step by step and prepares your organization for the process towards certification in accordance with ISO 27001.”

What does the integration of the ISMS in the ProActive compliance tool mean for Xiphos?

Jan-Willem Schep (Xiphos): “Everything is now automated and centrally located in one place. I was annoyed by all the old Excels and that everything had to be done manually. We can now easily find the right documents through the search bar and easily add a new version. And an additional advantage is that everyone gets the feeling that they are working with the management system.
The PCT in 5 words for me: Practical, compact, easy, simple, structure.'

“As a company you would never want information, such as personal data of customers, to falls into the wrong hands.”

Benefits of an ISMS conform ISO 27001 in the PCT

  • Helps your organization demonstrably comply with the relevant laws and regulations

  • Risks and measures are controlled

  • Provides support when working according to a fixed structure

  • Ensures that the policy and processes (including with regard to information security) are properly recorded and safeguarded

  • The process of planning and control is secured with repetitive tasks

  • Provides confidence and assurance to customers in handling information

PCT is suitable for various (ISO) standards and schemes

PCT is suitable for all common standards, certification schemes and assessment guidelines such as:​


ISO 9001

Make sure your organization is ready for ISO 9001 certification.


ISO 27001

Meeting the requirements for information security in a structured and clear manner.


ISO 27701

Organize privacy information management for your organization with this software tool.

Experience the ease and user-friendliness of the ProActive Compliance Tool.