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ISMS tool

The ProActive Compliance Tool (PCT) is software to manage your ISMS online. In this online tool you can create, manage and maintain your organization's policy documents, processes, procedures and work instructions. ISMS management software can support you to organize the compliance and certifications of your organization.

ISMS software PCT

The PCT offers functionalities so that you can easily accommodate your ISO certifications (ISO 27001, ISO 27701 , ISO 9001 and more) in an online document management system. Does your organization have no experience in the field of compliance and certifications? Even then you can easily get started with the PCT. In the PCT you have a measures and tasks dashboard, file and version management, the information is clearly displayed in graphs and dashboards and you can easily perform the risk analysis that is necessary for your organization. The PCT also helps you to ensure that you can meet the required standard set by your customers and government in the field of information security (GDPR and ISO 27001 ).

Functionalities of our ISMS software

The PCT offers you various functionalities to provide insight into your company information, we will guide you on the basis of the functionalities below: 

The PCT is the ISMS solution

The PCT is ISMS software. Software that enables you to pay attention to the behavior of your employees, standard procedures and company guidelines within your organization in addition to documented information from implemented measures, IT measures. 

Because not only your customers or, for example, in tender processes, are subject to increasingly strict requirements on how to deal with customer data and information security, it is good to ensure that your organization is well equipped for this. And also to ensure that you can prepare the audit for your organization in a better way. The PCT can provide you with good support in this regard. Do you want to know how? Then get started with the PCT, the software for your management information.

Read more about ISMS and the ISO 27001 certification .

Risk analysis

The PCT is the only software that offers the possibility to perform a risk analysis for your organization. With a risk analysis you identify the internal and external risks and you can map them.

Compliance software

Insight into risks

Quickly gain insight into the risks that apply to your organization.

Compliance software

Control measures and risks

Easy to identify risks and link control measures to them.

Compliance software

Integrated risk analysis

Integrated risk analysis ensures that you map out the risks in the area of your business assets.

Compliance software

ISO 27001

Risk analysis is an integral part of the process towards achieving ISO 27001 certification.


Measures and task dashboard

In the PCT, policy, measures, tasks, responsibilities and insight into risks come together. The current state of affairs of your organization is central and you can determine the level of ambition. Based on this, you can set measures to, for example, adjust in the area of ambition level or possible risks.  

Compliance software

Add measures

Register (corrective) measures when deviations are found.

Compliance software

Insight into status

Set up your own dashboard with the most important documents, charts and forms.

Compliance software

Assigning a task

Set up your own dashboard with the most important documents, charts and forms.

Compliance software


Set up your own dashboard with the most important documents, charts and forms.

File and version management

Online file and version management is always up to date, printed information is already outdated by the time it is printed. That is why you would like to centrally manage your files and the version. The PCT also offers you the possibility to add all types of files to your online environment.

Compliance software

One online location

All information related to compliance and certification (files and documents) can be stored securely online in one central location. The PCT gives you access to your files both on desktop and on mobile, whenever you want.

Compliance software

Version control

With version management you can easily create new versions in the PCT and share them within your organization. Old versions always remain available via a clear timeline, so that changes remain transparent.

Compliance software

All types of files

The PCT is suitable for all types of files. For each part you can add files such as PDFs, Excel, Word, movies and links to intra- and internet pages. 

Compliance software

Share versions

Easily share versions of a document with other administrators so that documents can be reviewed quickly. 


Charts and dashboards

Get a grip and insight into your management information, potential risks, tasks and information security. You can easily view this in the PCT through both personal and company dashboards. You also gain insight into your tasks and measures and you can generate and display graphs yourself in a way that is clear to you.

Realtime dashboard PCT.gif
Compliance software

Personal dashboards

Set up your dashboard yourself with the most important information for your organization based on the registrations (forms).

Compliance software

Company dashboard

Set up the dashboard yourself for your organization based on your information.

Compliance software

Overview of measures & tasks

The real-time dashboard gives you a complete overview of all tasks and measures. This allows you to manage the 'workload' in time.

Compliance software

Chart per registration

Graphs can be generated for each form to gain more insight, from a line graph to a donut. Various settings are possible within the graphs. 

Compliance software

Dynamic forms

You can easily keep track of mandatory registrations in dynamic forms that are already fully aligned with the various (ISO) standards.

Compliance software

Available on mobile

Registration forms can be completed on all devices, including your phone and tablet. Handy when you are on the road or when you need to carry out a check outside.

Compliance software

No double work

By linking the dynamically set up forms, you only have to enter the data once and it will automatically return in the other forms. This prevents you from having to process the same information multiple times.

Compliance software

Charts per form

Easily manage and complete your registrations. Both on the road and in the office. Due to the dynamic design of the forms, you only have to enter data once.

What is an ISMS?

ISMS stands for an Information Security Management System. In short, this stands for the method of securing all confidential information within your organization. ISMS software ensures that information security can be tackled in a structured way within your organization. It also enables you to think critically about it and therefore alert and aware  to stay away from the risks of working with confidential data, such as your customer data.

The name tool suggests that it is a tool, but it is a method.

Getting started with the PCT

Do you want to get started with your own  compliance and certification(s) and manage your management information? This is possible with the PCT. You structure on the basis of checklists, dashboards and sample texts  your documents in the field of management information, information security, certifications and compliance in the right way. This way you ensure that you are prepared as an organization to comply with legislation and regulations. Not only for an audit for your (ISO) certifications, but also, for example, know how your organization stands in the field of information security.

ISMS tool suitable for all types of standards and schemes

PCT is suitable for all common standards, certification schemes and assessment guidelines such as:​


ISO 9001

Make sure your organization is ready for ISO 9001 certification.


ISO 27001

Meeting the requirements for information security in a structured and clear manner.


ISO 27701

Organize privacy information management for your organization with this software tool.

Experience the ease and user-friendliness of the ProActive Compliance Tool.