The digital tool to control
compliance and certifications

Information security is essential for any type of organization. The ProActive Compliance Tool helps your organization to comply with the correct in- and external laws and regulations. With this unique tool you can easily go through the right steps towards the (ISO) certification of your organization.

This user-friendly and clear digital tool ensures that your company gains and retains insight into your management information and certifications.

Compliance tool

Information security with the ProActive Compliance Tool

The adoption of security standards such as ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and GDPR require specialist knowledge in IT, business and legal matters. Security standards affect almost all aspects of your business operations. So how to organize this business information and maintain an overview? Not just large but also more and more SME companies are using a Information Security Management System tool (ISMS tool) these days. The ProActive Compliance Tool (PCT) is an online tool for the design, implementation and maintenance of your management system. With the PCT you get a grip on information security, business continuity, quality and risk management.
Document, analyze and optimize your business information.

Document, analyze and optimize.

Why choose PCT software?

Get rid of separately stored documents and manual (Excel) files. The PCT allows you to store your documentation of your organization in one central place.

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Integration of all policy documents

Within the PCT, all policy documents regarding the management system are integrated into one framework for multiple standards and/or certification schemes. This way you avoid maintaining of information in multiple places or unnecessary double registrations. You only have to describe everything that applies to several standards once.

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Compliance tool

Record easily

You can easily add registrations via dynamically built forms, even on your mobile device or tablet. Data from one registration is automatically used as input for other forms.

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Compliance software

Clear task management

Employees know exactly which action or task they must perform  through configured e-mail notifications. Every month you also receive a summary of all tasks in a report via email.

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Real time insight

With graphs and a clear dashboard you always have an overview  of the current status of registrations, measures and tasks that are necessary to stay in control.

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Online managementsysteem

ISO 9001

Make sure your organization is ready for ISO 9001 certification.


ISO 27001

Meet the requirements for information security for your organization.


ISO 27701

Organize privacy information management for your organization with this software tool.

A software tool suitable for 
all standards

The PCT is suitable for all common standards like:

In addition to the above certifications, the PCT is also suitable for:

  • ISAE 3402 - Outsourcing assurance

  • ISO 22301 - Business continuity management

  • ISO 14001 - Environmental management​

And specific business related standards like:

  • EN 50518  - Alarm receiving centers

  • CCV PAC  -  Private alarm centers

  • EN 50136  - Alarm transmission

  • VDS 3138  - Notruf- und Service- Leitstellen (NSL)

Is the standard, certification scheme or assessment guideline you are looking for not listed? Please do not hesitate to contact us. There is a good chance that we can offer a solution.

Who is the PCT suitable for?

The PCT is designed by Protify, an experience consultancy company, as a tool to easily set up and maintain management systems. Both before and  after obtaining a certificate.

The tool is designed in such a way that it is suitable for all common certification and compliance standards, because it contains an integrated management system (IMS).

Do you already have all the required knowledge and experience when it comes to certification?

Then we will deliver the PCT tailor-made to your company's needs. After a short product training you're ready to go. 


Would you prefer a little more guidance throughout the entire process?

Our experienced consultants are happy to support you. We adapt our services to your needs.

Why PCT?

Compliance software

All standards and certification schemes in one integrated framework

Compliance software

Your company data is always securely 
stored at a certified data center within Europe

Compliance software

No complicated jargon but templates with understandable texts

Compliance software

Layout in your corporate identity

Compliance software

Allow an auditor to monitor 
remotely via his own user profile

Compliance software

Suitable for all devices



'The PCT gives us a complete overview of where we stand with our various certification. It gives us one tool in which all processes and controls are recorded. 


The way in which measures can be linked to tasks ensures that we are and remain constantly in control.' 


M. Broens

Experience the ease and user-friendliness of the ProActive Compliance Tool.